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Model Name: Automated Scenic Elevator
Built by: Dave Harvey
Submitted: 2009


Horizontal Steam Engine by Dave Harvey

This model really started out as an exercise to build a realistic looking steam cylinder. With the cylinder made it then progressed to a slide valve aside the cylinder, then a crosshead slide, then a crank … and before long I soon had a working model of a horizontal steam engine.

The model itself is therefore a freelance design and not based on any known prototype, but includes most of the features found on a typical horizontal steam engine which powered the machinery in our industrial mills a century or so ago.

The Engine itself is a single cylinder slide valve controlled engine. The cylinder has traditional wooden lagging which help prevent accidental burns to personnel. It has a built up crankshaft which is set into roller bearings with simulated lubricators. The motion is linked via a crosshead slide and a mock water pump is also fitted which is used to pump water from the storage tank into the boiler injection system.

The built up fly wheel is of a small diameter, typical of these engines which were usually housed in a small engine room at the side of the factory. Speed control is simulated with a dummy centrifugal governor shown above the far crank bearing.

The boiler is mounted above a firebox which was used to fire the boiler with solid fuel…later boilers used oil or gas. A water tank is mounted under the boiler which has a fitted level gauge, drain cock and also a mains stand pipe for topping up the tank. On the top of the boiler is a whistle, condensate drain and pressure relief valve.

An access platform is provided to the left of the boiler for servicing and maintenance.

The drive motor hidden under the hardwood base is a Faulhaber gear motor with a 19:1 ratio gearhead and the model runs realistically on about 6 volts. A steam condenser has also recently been fitted.


Words/Text Copyright 2009 D. Harvey

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