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Model Name: Giant Dragline
Built by: Rob Beijersbergen
Submitted: 2007


Giant Dragline by Rob Beijersbergen

The largest draglines ever constructed in England at that time, have been built by Ruston & Hornsby Ltd., of Lincoln, for work in connection with the Indian irrigation schemes for the reclamation of millions of acres of barren dessert. The work involves the excavation of hundreds of miles of canals and the project as a whole is the largest undertaking of its kind in the world.

In the first place only one dragline was ordered, but this machine gave such satisfaction that the Indian Government shortly afterwards placed an order for a further three excavators of the same type. At a later date six additional draglines were ordered, and it is interesting to note in passing that the last two machines ordered were completed in seven weeks from receipt of the order, a remarkable achievement in a view of their size and complexity.

These wonderful excavators each weigh 250 tons net and upwards of 300 tons when fully equipped and in working order.

The bucket has a capacity of 8cu.yards and can excavate 10 tons at one cut, a rate of working that enables the machine to load a train of 60 wagons in an hour.

The jib is 120 ft in length (? 37 meter) and the drag rope from the bucket 1?” (? 44mm) in diameter. A cutting power of 30 tons is exerted on the bucket teeth.


Words/Text Copyright 2007 R. Beijersbergen

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